Upgrade or Trade in your KTS 650 to run the new ESI 2.0 software from Bosch

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The new ESI 2.0 software will not work with the previous generation Bosch KTS 650 models unless the hardware has been upgraded to the newer internal motherboard with 1GB memory.

Our Bosch Distribution partner ADE Systems Ltd can offer exisiting KTS 650 users a trade-in to a newer KTS model, or a complete internal hardware upgrade equivalent of the KTS 670 model.

ADE Systems Ltd are a Bosch Service agent and equipment distributor established in 1986. Please see their website for further information at www.adesystems.co.uk


This offer is only available to existing KTS 650 users with an active C9 or C12 ESI subscription. All prices quoted below are plus VAT.
If you have recieved a recent letter from Bosch informing you of migration to ESI 2.0 and are not sure if your KTS 650 harware is of the minimum specification, please check using this guide.

If you haven't yet seen the new easy to use and more capable ESI 2.0 software take a look at the demo video.

1. Full upgrade to the KTS 670 specification with 12 month warranty which includes: Motherboard and Memory Upgrade, New Hard Drive, New KTS board with enhanced scope functions, New CAN cable.
£1,800.00 + return carriage

2. Upgrade the Motherboard and Memory in your existing KTS650. Note - If the existing hard drive is 20GB or less we recommend upgrading this component.
(Standard List price £1,295.00)
£980.00 + return carriage

3. Trade in your KTS 650 and recieve a brand new KTS 670 with full 12 month warranty complete with case and cables.
(Standard List Price £5,595.00)

4. Trade in your KTS 650 and recieve a brand new DCU 130 + KTS 540 with 12 months warranty.
(Standard List Price £4,995.00)

5. Trade in your KTS 650 and recieve a DCU 130 + KTS 570.
(Standard List Price £5,595.00)